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  Name Title Email Telephone Department
Diana Creel Executive Assistant 210-302-6822 Administration
Saul F. Levenshus President/CEO 210-302-6823 Administration
Tami MacKenzie Vice President / CFO 210-302-6871 Administration
Lauren Ross Vice-President/COO 210-302-6865 Administration
Joanna Cantu-Perez Accounting Clerk 210-302-6875 Accounting
Ingrid Eastman Accounting Clerk 210-302-6872 Accounting
Jean Yeargan Accounting Supervisor 210-302-6874 Accounting
Aliyah Kuchinsky Director of Arts & Culture 210-302-6827 Adult and Cultural Arts
Allison Newsom Adult and Arts & Culture Services 210-302-6828 Adult and Cultural Arts
Maya Siler Coordinator of Adult & Senior Adult Services (210) 302-6860 Adult and Cultural Arts
Cynthia Baker Assistant Director, Early Childhood Services 210-302-6849 Early Childhood
Alissa Levey Baugh Director, Early Childhood Services 210-302-6845 Early Childhood
Dorothy Martinez Early Childhood Admin. Assistant 210-302-6846 Early Childhood
Kathy Mittler Early Childhood Admin. Assistant 210-302-6873 Early Childhood
Carisa Heiss Director of Development 210-302-6866 Marketing & Development
Tracy Hungate Marketing and Sales Associate 210-302-6810 Marketing & Development
Cindy Medina Publications Director 210-302-6864 Marketing & Development
Glen Andrews Member Services (210) 302-6825 Member Services
Vicki Geathers Member Services Associate (210) 302-6825 Member Services
Carrie Guzman Member Services 210-302-6863 Member Services
Donna Hatchett Member Services and Gift Shop 210-302-6863 Member Services
Isabel Resendez Member Services 210-302-6915 Member Services
Cathy Pottorf Director of Membership and Sports 4 Life 210-302-6870 Membership
Sally Scharff Member Services 210-302-6862 Membership
Irene Harwood Sports & Fitness Assistant (210) 302-6825 Sports and Fitness
Randy Holland Director of Athletics 210-302-6843 Sports and Fitness
Anna Kurz Group Exercise Coordinator (210) 302-6851 Sports and Fitness
Tracy Schuleman Director of Recreation and Fitness Services 210-302-6909 Sports and Fitness
Kristofer Todd Assistant Athletic Director (210) 302-6844 Sports and Fitness
Rodney Munoz Tennis Instructor (210) 302-6824 Tennis
Victor Torres Director of Tennis (210) 302-6824 Tennis
Dylan Brainard Vexler Theatre Assistant (210) 302-6837 Vexler Theater
Ken Frazier Theatre Director 210-302-6836 Vexler Theater
Dylan Ashworth Teen Services Coordinator/BBYO City Director (210) 302-6869 Youth
Lauri Batey-Segura: Camp Registrar Youth & Camping Asst. 210-302-6859 Youth
Lisa Vest Guerrero Director of Children and Camping Services 210-302-6959 Youth
Rachel Rustin Director of Youth & Family Services 210-302-6969 Youth

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