Improve Your Swim Technique for Triathletes (#AQIST)
Age: 18+


This technique-intensive class is ideal for fitness and competitive athletes alike who are serious about learning proper freestyle stroke mechanics and increasing their overall efficiency, comfort and control in the water. Using a time-tested sequence that focuses on the fundamental swimming principles of balance, length, rotation and timing, we will transform how your body moves through water and save you energy along the way!  We will be in the water with you providing you with constructive hands-on feedback and demonstrating simple solutions to solving common swimming puzzles.

Fees: $60 | JCC Member $40

Date: SU Nov. 2- Nov. 16
Time: 4 pm-5:30 pm
Instructor: Todd Erickson, Total Immersion Teaching Professional
Location: JCC Pool
Department: Aquatics
Tracy Schuleman
Phone: (210) 302-6909

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