BBYO: Sababa

BBYO Sababa is one of seven girls' chapters in the Lonestar Region. The chapter colors are blue and orange, and the mascot is the tiger. 

BBYO Event Calendar

Sababa Board List 
N'siah (Chapter President): Rachel Heritch
S'ganit (Programming VP): Izzy Schack
S'ganit Shenia (Special Programming VP): Sandra Marcushamer
Mit MOM (Membership Recruitment VP): Molly Rosenblatt
Mit MOM (Membership Recruitment VP): Lauren Weinberg
Mit MOM (Membership Recruitment VP): Tori Shiver

Sh'licha (Judaic Content Planner): Hannah Eichelbaum
Gizborit (Treasurer): Allison Stern
Mazkirah (Corresponding Secretary): Emma Sowry
Mazkirah (Corresponding Secretary): Sophia Ricciardi
Orchet (Newsletter Editor): Noa Coben
Mekasheret (8 grade programming): Juliette Miller
Beau: Jonas Berkowitch
JB Sampson
Philene Harte-Weiner
Devin Billstein
Elanor Gossen

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