BBYO: Sababa

One of seven girl's chapters in the Lonestar Region.

Chapter colors are Blue and Orange.

Mascot is the Tiger.

BBYO Event Calendar

Sababa Board List 
N'siah (Chapter President): Rachel Heritch
S'ganit (Programming VP): Izzy Schack
S'ganit Shenia (Special Programming VP): Allison Stern
Mit MOM (Membership Recruitment VP): Caitlin Boggs
Mit MOM (Membership Recruitment VP): Katie Cutler
Sh'licha (Judaic Content Planner): Sophia Ricciardi
Gizborit (Treasurer): Eden Miller
Mazkirah (Corresponding Secretary): Hannah Eichelbaum 
Mazkirah (Corresponding Secretary): Lauren Weinberg
Orchet (Newsletter Editor): 
Katvanit (Recording Secretary): Abby Efron
Mekasheret (8 grade programming): Tori Shiver

 Beau Sweetheart: Jonas Berkowitch

JB Sampson
Philene Harte-Weiner
Dylan Ashworth

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