Categories and Rates


Monthly Rates
(as of  7-1-14)

Family Plus $105.00
Couple Plus $92.00
Individual Plus  $78.00
Family $83.00
Couple $71.00
Single Parent $64.00
Individual Adult $56.00
Senior Couple 65+ Both $62.00
Senior Adult 65+ $50.00
◊Senior Couple-Social $20.00
◊Senior Individual-Social $15.00
Young Adult (ages 18 - 34) $30.00

JCC Member Benefits
JCC members enjoy full use of our full-service fitness center, group exercise classes, 25-meter swimming pool, recreational pool with beach-front entry, hot tub, 7 lighted tennis courts, two indoor basketball courts/ gymnasium, teen fitness room, access to member-only programs including the early childhood program, after school care and summer camp programs.  And don't forget to check out our Membership Plus Benefits!

◊Senior Social Memberships include participation in weekly lunch and social programs.  This membership category does not include access to the JCC fitness facilities.

There is an enrollment fee of $75 plus an agreement of a minimum twelve-month membership. Cancellation prior to a one-year commitment requires 90 days written notice.

Monthly fee: Checking Account Debit or Monthly Charge to American Express, Mastercard, Visa or Discover.

For more information, please contact Cathy Pottorf at (210) 302-6870.

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