J-Care Interim Childcare

"J-Care" is an exclusive service for JCC Members for the temporary care of children while parents or guardians are on campus and utilizing the facilities, participating in a JCC program or service. The parent or guardian must remain on campus at all times and be available if needed. Children as young as 8 weeks up to 9 years are welcome to J-Care.


Monday-Friday     8am-12:30pm
Monday/Wednesday   4-7:30pm
Tuesday/Thursday   4-8pm
Sunday   9am-1pm


24-hour advanced reservations are required; there is a maximum stay of 2 hours per visit. Drop-ins are available only on a space-available basis. Call 210-302-6820 to secure your child's spot. For more information, call Calla Pfeifer-Campos at 210-302-6849.