Block and Dreeben Program & Philosophy


Our purpose of education at the JCC’s Block and Dreeben School for Young Children is to develop young children’s minds, bodies and emotions, and to produce individuals who are self-directed, lifelong learners by:

Our daily program provides a supportive, nurturing environment which promotes the emotional, social, physical, cognitive and spiritual development of young children.  The JCC works in partnership with parents to provide loving, responsive, consistent education and care for their children.


INFANT/TODDLER PROGRAM (6 weeks to 2 years)

Our program for infants and toddlers revolves around the basic routines of caregiving:  feeding, diapering and sleep time.  While involved in these nuturing tasks, our caregivers include opportunities for meaningful interactions.  Interactions with other children are closely supervised and we have carefully selected age appropriate play materials to use in a variety of play places.  Our infants and toddlers experience the outdoors daily, weather permitting.

PRESCHOOL (Three to five year olds)

Each classroom serves as a laboratory for a growing child’s experiments in the mastery of new skills.  Our program encourages active exploration of the environment, from the youngest child learning how to crawl across an open floor space to the oldest investigating the physics and chemistry of the world around him.  We promote curiosity, individual interests, creativity, problem-solving, literacy and the development of self-esteem through play, the vehicle by which children learn and develop.

The environment at the school is cozy and welcoming, as well as stimulating and challenging.  Each classroom has its own arrangement of areas and materials, daily schedules and routines, which are designed to suit both individual and group needs.  Problem-solving, experimentation, and social interaction are encouraged through different Learning Centers set up in the classroom.  Within this framework, children have many choices.


Practicing Judaism is part of daily life at the JCC.  Our Judaic curriculum is based on exposing children to the warmth, beauty and richness of our Jewish heritage.  Many basic values of Judaism are incorporated into our activities.  The Jewish holidays with all their traditions are an integral and on-going part of our educational program.  Special events and activities include the celebration of Jewish holidays, hands-on Holiday Experiences, resource visitors, field trips, cooking projects, music, songs and books.


The School for Young Children is directed by Alissa Levey Baugh, who earned a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  She has been involved in early childhood education since 1972, and has been the school’s director since 1989.  Her experiences have included public and private schools as well as teaching at the college level.  Alissa was a validator for the NAEYC Accreditation Program.  She initiated the Cultural Friendship Exchange program through a generous grant from United Way as well as the Start Seeing Diversity Conference. She has presented numerous workshops at the local, state, and national levels.  Alissa received the Director of the Year Award from the San Antonio Association for the Education of Young Children in the spring of 2000.


Our Assistant Director, Calla Pfeifer-Campos, earned a B.A. in Communications from UTSA. After working as the JCC's  Children and Youth Coordinator for over two years, she returned to UTSA and received her Post Baccalaureate Teaching Certification for early childhood through fourth grade. Calla returned to the JCC in 2006 as a full-time teacher at the Block and Dreeben School for Young Children. She began working with the older twos and younger threes before moving to Pre-K, where she taught as a Lead Teacher for nine years. Additionally, Calla teaches Kindergarten Religious School classes at Temple Beth-El, where she has been teaching since 2007.