Individual Memberships

Cost per month:

  • $56
  • Member ages 18-34: $32
  • Member ages 65+: $50
  • Tennis member age 18+: $45 (Limitations and restrictions apply)

Need a membership for your spouse or the whole family? Ask about our plus one memberships.



  • There is a $75 enrollment fee for all full membership categories, $25 for Social and Individual Tennis Memberships. Dues are billed/drafted on the first of each month and can be paid by EFT, Debit, or Credit Card.
  • Cancellation of your membership requires 30 days written notice. The credit card or bank account provided upon enrolling in membership will be billed/drafted monthly until written notice is provided and has been confirmed by JCC membership or accounting staff.
  • Canceling or changing your membership category while actively enrolled in a JCC program will be subject to an immediate fee increase consistent with the non-member rate (if applicable) or suspension of program privileges.

A waiver/release is part of the membership application and must be signed by the main member on the account.

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