BBYO is the largest Jewish youth organization in the world, providing opportunities for Jewish youth to strengthen their Jewish identity, develop leadership skills, meet teens from around the world, form a connection with their community, and enhance their personal development. This popular "youth led" program allows members to have fun, learn life-long skills, and form lasting friendships at local events, weekend conventions, service projects, and Jewish leadership events. BBYO is open to all Jewish teens in grades 9 through 12. Students in grade 8, second semester are also eligible. Contact Elie Allen at 210-302-6869 for more information.

BBYO Sababa is one of seven girls' chapters in the Lonestar Region. The chapter colors are blue and orange, and the mascot is the tiger.

Sababa BBG Fall Term 2018 Board List 
N’siah (President) Merrill Kasanoff
S'ganit (VP of Programming) Rachel Solomon
MIT Mom (VP of Membership) Rebecca Lane
Mazkirah/Gizborit (Treasurer/Secretary) Adina Ichilov
Sh’licha (Judaism Chair) Peyton Ausburn
Mekasheret (8th Grade Recruitment Chair) Samantha Burg
Advisors Brandi Weaver& Kelsey Bradshaw

View your Red Book- a guidebook geared towards BBG as a reference to use through their tenure in BBYO, to help assist in learning the rituals and traditions of BBYO.

BBYO: Erich Weiss is one of seven boys' chapters in the Lonestar Region. The chapter colors are blue and gray, and the mascot is the blue devil. 

Erich Weiss AZA Fall Term 2018 Board List
Godol (President) Max Schwartz
S'gan (VP of Programming) Jack Fein
Moreh (VP of Membership) Ben Kaufman and Jack Kaden
Mazkir/Gizbor (Secretary/Treasurer) Norman Davis
Shaliach (Judaism Chair) Aidan Sowry
Mekasher (8th Grade Recruitment Chair) Jakob Tawil
BBYO Advisor David Hoffman

Boys - view your Blue Book here! The Blue Book is a guide book to educate boys on the history and traditions of AZA (Alpha Zadik Aleph), a good reference to use during their tenure in BBYO.

BBYO is an experience every Jewish teen should have. When you sign up, you will:
  • Strengthen your Jewish identity.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Build bonds with local teens as well as teens from around the country.
  • Form a stronger connection with their community.
  • Enhance their personal development.

Fees: $149 for all 4 years of High School. Additional fees for regional and local events. Ready to join?


Regional Information
San Antonio BBYO is part of the Lonestar Region, which also includes Austin and Houston. Lonestar Region is one of over forty BBYO regions in North America, reaching more than 1,300 students annually. Connect with the Lonestar Region on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

For more information about the BBYO Lonestar Region, contact Regional Director Gillian Lindenberg at 713-659-9871.

Scholarship Form
The BBYO Scholarship Form is used to assist families who need financial assistance to cover registration costs for regional events. The form is completely confidential and should be submitted for each regional event where financial assistance is needed. To apply for a scholarship, send your completed forms to Elie Allen by email or mail to 12500 N.W. Military Hwy., Ste. 275 | San Antonio, TX 78231, Attn: Elie Allen.
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