In order to continue the ongoing efforts of enriching, educating, and enlightening both our Jewish and non-Jewish community members, the JCC offers a variety of year-round film screenings presented by the Jewish Film Festival. The Holzman Auditorium at the JCC, where the screenings are held, has a state-of-the-art sound system making each of these unique film experiences unforgettable.

A Night of Comedy & Film at the JCC:

Land of Milk & Funny
Thursday, Aug. 15 | 7pm | Holzman Auditorium
$8 (online) • $9 (phone/advanced in-person) • $10 (door)

Directed by Larry Herbst 
87 min. | USA | 2017 | Documentary/Comedy | English

From thousands of miles away, a rising young Jewish comedian decided not merely to devote much of his own career to regularly visiting Israel in order to entertain a nation battered by terrorism..but also implored, cajoled, and (subsequently) encouraged his professional colleagues  Jews, Christians, white, black, whatever to join him on this adventure.

Land of Milk and Funny views Israel through the eyes of society's best and funniest observers: stand-up comedians. For fifteen years, Avi Liberman has been taking fellow American comedians of different backgrounds to Israel. As they tour and perform across the country, some are deeply affected, overcome by the spiritual significance of Biblical and historic sites; others are wildly irreverent. Born in Israel and raised in Texas, Liberman's tours feature 30 renowned comedians (i.e. Gary Gulman, Craig Robinson, Wayne Federman, and Dan Naturman) doing 100 shows, selling over 20,000 tickets for charity.

Screening to be held at the Barshop JCC located at 12500 N.W. Military Hwy.

For information about film screenings and additional opportunities, please contact Allison Cornwell at (210) 302-6828.

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