JCC Group Exercise Policies



  • Gentle Yoga This class is a mixture of challenging and restorative poses tempered by a strong shot of down-to-earth humor and deep knowledge of kinesiology, alignment and therapeutics. Designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. All levels are welcome; please come prepared with your mat and an open mind.
  • Power Yoga A vigorous vinyasa-based Yoga that will build strength and flexibility as well as help reduce stress; open to all levels.
  • Yoga Traditional static poses that impact muscular endurance, strength and flexibility. Open to all levels.
  • Yoga Flow Recommended for all who wish to deepen their yoga practice and increase strength and physical conditioning. This fitness-based, multi-level class aims for the integration of mind and body, breathing, balance, and flexibility. The tempo is energetic and vigorous, with emphasis on proper body alignment and in-depth muscle work through creative sequencing of poses.
  • Pilates on the Foam Roller Pilates exercises on the Foam Roller will increase your balance, strength and flexibility with a unique challenge. If you have your own roller, bring it to class or rollers will be available to use during class. This class is NOT recommended for individuals with spinal sensitivity. Requires low fitness level.
  • Pilates Mat/Pilates Inspired This class is a series of movements requiring focus, breath and attention to alignment. This mat class works on core strength and flexibility. Requires low fitness level.


  • CardioBlast This 50 minute interval training class combine’s cardio with light muscle toning segments is sure to challenge you. Open to all levels and can be considered a precursor to HIIT.
  • Step It Up Join this non-stop old-school step class and vamp up your steady state aerobic conditioning. Come ready to dance! Open for medium to advanced fitness levels.
  • Zumba® Latin dance class that features exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Open to all fitness levels.
  • Cycle 55 Bringing road-riding indoors, this 55-minute cycle class will have you riding over hills and racing on flats. Come ready to sweat. This cardio class is intended for all fitness levels.
  • Cycle & Core This 45-minute indoor road ride finishes up with a core-blasting segment designed to keep you fit from head to toe. Open to all fitness levels.
  • Total Body This 50 minutes class consists of cardio followed by resistance/strength training. You will be engaged in callisthenic movements with intervals of higher intensity exercises. This class is open to all levels and can be considered a toning, cardio and medium to high intensity class.
  • HiiT(High Intensity Interval Training) This 50 minute class uses interval training by setting the class up into stations with equipment such as sliders, body bars, and bosus. You will be challenged to complete stations without taking breaks. Remember to pace, yourself and breathe. This class is for intermediate to advance level.


  • BarreThis 55 minute class is designed to tone up your entire body. Using Pilates principles to a rhythmic beat you will be sure to feel the burn in this fun workout environment.  Feel free to participate in bare feet or socks with grips. Open to all fitness levels.
  • Barre Express Looking for a quick workout that will provide you a whole-body burn? Barre Express provides the same toning, strengthening, and balance elements just in a shorter amount of time! Open to all fitness levels.
  • BodyPump™ Original 60-minute barbell class that strengthens your entire body and challenges all major muscle groups using weight-room exercises and great music. Classes are first come/first served. To participate, sign in at the S&F desk to get a pass for class.
  • Muscles in Motion Resistance and strength training class. Slower movements/seated fitness class.
  • Tight and Toned 45 minute class is dedicated to activating, toning and shaping the legs.  Working the quads, glutes and hamstrings from all angles. This class is open to all levels and can be considered a strength / toning and medium to high intensity class.


  • Aquafit Cardio and toning class using water resistance to provide a great workout that is easy on the joints. Designed for all fitness levels.


  • Fit 4 Life Focus on strength, balance and coordination in this class from a seated position. Specific for seniors.



For more information about any of our Group Exercise classes, contact Cecelia Curts at 210-302-6851.

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