Spurs League registration is available here. 2020 Winter/Spring programs will be available for registration starting Tuesday at 8am.

Online tennis reservations will be temporarily unavailable as we update and service our systems. Please call 210-302-6833 to make reservations.

If you want to train in a community type environment, small group training may be for you. Between our popular Body Back Transformation for postnatal women, to our low impact Tai Chi class, to our Synrgy 360 class, there is something for people of all fitness levels and abilities. 

Experience High-Intensity Training (HiiT) total-body workouts that challenge even the elite athlete. Designed by moms, for moms, our safe and effective workouts address the body of the postnatal woman, whether she had her baby six months ago or 20 years ago.

The gentle Martial Arts practice of Tai Chi may be hundreds of years old, but it is the current low-impact exercise that is beneficial for every fitness level and all age groups. Whether you are curious about adding the soft practice to your usual athletic routine, coping, with stiffness from arthritis, or other ongoing conditions, or seeking ways to reduce/cope with stress, Tai Chi is the door that can open this for you. As an experienced teacher of mind-body practices, Anita is especially effective at helping you to find your individual level of mobility, flexibility, and active reflexes. Tai Chi Practioner class is available for those who compete the beginner Tai Chi class. 

Join Juan, Certified Personal Trainer and JCC Fitness Ambassador, for this fun and fast-paced 45-minute class, utilizing the principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT), and our Synrgy 360 machine. This will be a circuit class that will challenge your strength, agility, cardiovascular, and functional fitness. Let Juan show you how you can implement this versatile piece of equipment into your regular workout routine.


Are you interested in learning about general nutrition and not sure where to start? Do you have any questions about all the popular "diet" options? Join us for an introductory class about nutrition and healthy eating. Topics will cover carbohydrates, protein, fats, serving sizes and portion control, popular/current diet trends, label reading, meal prep, and much more!

Monday, January 6-February 10 | 5:45-6:45 pm

$180 | JCC Member $120

Kettle bells, jump boxes and slam balls, Oh My!! Would you like to get personal trainer results in a group setting? Push yourself with this intense total body conditioning class. This 60 minute class will take you out of your comfort zone and push you to new levels of fitness. Cardio conditioning and intermediate total body strength training will motivate you and others in the class to new heights.

Monday, January 6-February 10 | 7-8pm

$180 | JCC Member $120

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