A Message From the President/CEO Saul F. Levenshus

Posted by: Saul F. Levenshus, President/CEO on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 8:00:00 am

Saul F. LevenshusAs you read this month’s issue of the Center Peace, we are closing in on the end of another calendar year. Thanksgiving is only weeks away and shortly after that Chanukah, Christmas, and New Year’s will follow. As the JCC’s Chief Professional officer, this is a time of year when I begin to take stock of how we’ve done over the past year. What effect did we have on the lives of others? And, did we make a difference in the world?

Each day I come to work and marvel at the diversity of people who come to the JCC. They come to get fit, to stay fit, to find companionship and friendship, and to be entertained and educated. Throughout the year, we feed and transport seniors, provide a safe and secure environment for families in need of early childhood, camp and after school services, and we offer a full array of culturally enriching opportunities for both adults and children through various arts events and holiday celebrations.

Unfortunately, trying to be all things to all people is an unachievable task. And more often than not, when we do disappoint a member, it is because individual expectations don’t always meet the needs of the membership at large. We also recognize that change does occur; and when it does, it often means we may fall short of some member expectations. I apologize for any time this past year if we failed to meet your expectations. However, we remain committed to providing the best service possible. When we do meet a challenge that sets us back, we will do whatever we can within our ability to get back on track as quickly as possible. And we thank you in advance for your continued support and loyalty.

In the months ahead, we hope to open a new dialogue about an old subject, expansion of our JCC facilities and services. Nearly ten years ago, some of you may recall that we engaged in a process designed to address future needs. While we were able to address some of the smaller aspects of the plan, like developing a Clubhouse and control point for our Tennis Complex, adding a new East Campus entrance and upgrading access control for the building, and refurbishing our locker rooms, regrettably, the economy at the time prevented us from seeing the full expansion project through to fruition. But now, we believe the time is right for us to re-open the discussion, to consider upgrades to aging facilities, and to finally address the space limitations our facility has endured for so long.

We hope we can count on your continued support and participation as we make plans for the future of the JCC. Shortly after the New Year, we anticipate hosting a series of focus group meetings to share our plans and get feedback that will help shape our final product. Please keep your eyes open for invitations to participate and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

As we often say, there’s something about this place® and with your help, that “something” will be even more special.


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