Early Childhood

Calla Pfeifer-Campos

ECD Assistant Director

Phone: 210-302-6849 | Email Calla

Calla, who holds a BA in Communications and a Post Baccalaureate Teaching Certification for Early Childhood through fourth grade from UTSA, first worked for the JCC as the Children & Youth Coordinator for more than two years. After receiving her teaching certification, she returned to the JCC in 2006 as a full-time teacher at the Block & Dreeben School for Young Childhood, first working with the older twos and younger threes, before moving to Pre-K, where she was a Lead Teacher for nine years. Calla also teaches Kindergarten Religious School classes at Temple Beth El.

  • Favorite Travel Destination: I love to travel with my family! Most of our favorite places to go include Disney, whether it is Disney World or a Disney Cruise, everyone has a great time!
  • Favorite JCC Moment: One of the things I love most about the JCC is being able to see former students long after they have left our program!