The Barshop JCC Jewish Film Festival promotes Jewish values and diversity through the medium of film, striving to entertain, educate, and raise community awareness of Jewish identity, history, and culture. The Festival was conceived in 2001 by Mel Pomerantz, whose persistent efforts brought it to life. 

Sponsorship opportunities are now available for the 2019-20 Jewish Film Festival series. For more information, contact Aliyah Kuchinsky at (210) 302-6827.

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Ticket Prices*: $9.50 (online) • $10 (in-person/phone) • $12 (day of/at the door)
*prices are per ticket, per film.

2:00 & 2:05 PM 4:30 & 4:35 PM 7:30 & 7:35 PM

All screenings to be held at Regal Alamo Quarry Stadium 16.

The Keeper
Directed by  Marcus H. Rosenmüller
120 min. | U.K., Germany | 2018 | Drama | English, German w/English subtitles/captions
Screening: 2pm & 2:05pm


The Keeper tells the incredible true story of Bert Trautmann (David Kross), a German soldier and prisoner of war who, against a backdrop of British post-war protest and prejudice, secures the position of Goalkeeper at Manchester City, and in doing so becomes a footballing icon.

Struggling for acceptance, Bert’s love for Englishwoman Margaret (Freya Mavor) carries him through, and he wins over even his harshest opponents when he plays on with a broken neck in the 1956 FA Cup Final. But fate will soon twist the knife for Bert and Margaret, when their love and loyalty to each other is put to the ultimate test.

Based on a true story.

Critics are raving on Rotten Tomatoes about The Keeper!

Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles
Directed by Max Lewkowicz
92 min. | USA | 2019 | Documentary | English w/English captions
Screening: 4:30pm & 4:35pm


The story of Broadway sensation, Fiddler on the Roof, and its phenomenal impact around the world.

Join Sheldon Harnick, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Joel Grey, and many others, as director Max Lewkowicz chronicles the play’s backstory, from its 1960s New York roots, when "tradition" was on the wane and civil rights were evolving. Most revealing is the story of the play’s global impact, where audiences all over the world for the last half-century have claimed Tevye’s story as their own, from suburban middle schools in Nebraska to grand state theaters in Japan. Also featuring interviews with Harold Prince, Jerry Bock, Chaim Topol, Harvey Fierstein, Fran Lebowitz, Calvin Trillin, and Nathan Englander, as well as archival footage of original director-choreographer Jerome Robbins and star Zero Mostel.

The Rabbi Goes West
Directed by Amy Geller & Gerald Peary
78 min. | USA| 2019 | Documentary | English
Screening: 7:30pm & 7:35pm


There’s an evangelical strand of Hasidic Judaism - Chabad-Lubavitch - spreading across the world. The Rabbi Goes West focuses on one Chabad rabbi, 34-year-old Chaim Bruk, who moved from Brooklyn to unlikely Bozeman, Montana, to bring his brand of Judaism to the American West. Part of his Chabad mission is to place a mezuzah, an encased prayer offering, on the doorpost of every Montana Jew. That’s less than 2,000 families spread across a state fourteen times larger than Israel.

As he travels across this “big sky” landscape, Chaim confronts a terrifying neo-Nazi threat. He also faces objections to his proselytizing from some skeptical Jews and the state’s rabbis, both Reform and Conservative. While they acknowledge that he is beloved by his congregants, they fear his larger goal to put up Chabad centers everywhere in Montana. Will Chaim succeed in his Chabad expansion, and at what cost?



Wendy Barker, PhD • Jim Barshop • Clarance Dickinson* • Steven G. Kellman, PhD
Sandy Levenshus* • Ann Pomerantz • Barbie Scharf-Zeldes • Sharon Teich
*2019-20 Film Festival Co-Chairs 

As of August 20, 2019


Elsa Barshop · Randi & Bob Hutchens · Mary Sue & Maurie Kern · The Lazarus-Gershenhorn Family Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation
Ann Pomerantz · Laura & Jack Richmond · Barbara Spigel · Francie & Harris Sterling


Jim Barshop Family · Toni & Richard Goldsmith · Gail & Robert Gurwitz - Julian Gold · Marylou Daugherty & Dr. Roxanne Henkin · Jeff Kavy
Shirley & Dr. Charles Lerner · Sandy & Saul Levenshus · Judy & Seymour Palans · Kristy & Alan Petlin · Myra & Abe Ribak
Bonnie Reed & Stu Schlossberg · Lynn & Rabbi Samuel M. Stahl · Alice & Dr. Richard Thorner · Sherie & Dr. Anatole Trakhtenbroit 
Sandy & Mel Weingart · Barbie Scharf-Zeldes & Adam Zeldes


Gayle & Stanley Alterman · Linda & Stanley Blend · Clarance Dickinson · Danna & Jim Halff · Mindi Alterman & Glenn Halff
Drs. Wendy Barker & Steven G. Kellman · Rochelle & David Lefton · Alicia Leff & Dr. Stephen Shanfield · Carol & Kenneth Sugarman
Kenneth Train · Leslie & Dr. Jon Tramer · Tina & Brian Weiner · Ginny Wind · Ruthie & Dick Wurzburg · Maxine & Dick Zucker

For more information about the Barshop JCC Jewish Film Festival series, contact Allison Cornwell at (210) 302-6828. For information on how to become a sponsor, contact Aliyah Kuchinsky at (210) 302-6827.

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