Kids Club - Member Exclusive Program 

Kids Club provides youth in grades K-5 the opportunity to develop new interests and challenge their minds and bodies through the use of the JCC facilities. From the double gymnasium, playground, and year-round heated pool to the ball field and library, our Kids Club members are constantly engaged in activities. 

Kids Club is the safe, convenient, and innovative program you’ve been looking for! We foster a family home environment where each child can build strong relationships, nurture special interests, and develop positive self-esteem. Participants enjoy a variety of activities in grade-level groups. One of the biggest benefits of Kids Club is safe supervision for your children to and from enrichment classes: sports, dance, swimming, and other JCC activities. We welcome children in kindergarten through grade 5 with a current JCC membership.

Membership is open to the entire community. For more information, contact a member services associate at (210) 302-6854. Arrangements to Temple Beth El’s Tuesday Hebrew school classes can be facilitated. Transportation from the JCC to Agudas Achim Hebrew School on Wednesdays can also be arranged for an additional monthly cost.

General Registration Information

  • Kids Club begins at school. We work closely to coordinate a daily pick up at the following schools*: Blattman, Hidden Forest, Huebner, St. George, Oak Meadow, and Castle Hills. Space is limited for transportation and cannot be guaranteed. Arrangements to Temple Beth El’s Tuesday Hebrew school classes can be facilitated.
  • Transportation from the JCC to Agudas Achim Hebrew School on Wednesdays can also be arranged for an additional monthly cost. 
  • *School pick-up at listed schools or other schools in the area is not guaranteed. There is a minimum number of students required to consider or maintain a school pick up. We coordinate our pick up based on enrollment and transportation routes. These may vary with each school year.

Waiting List

Due do to the popularity and need for our program, we do our best to accommodate everyone. In some cases, your child or children might be placed on a waiting list. Our program is staffed based on regulated ratios and room space.

5th Grader Youth Lounge Option

  • Kids in 5th grade and up including middle school students may enroll in the Youth Lounge After School Option. This option provides more independence while maintaining the convenience and flexibility of our established Kids Club program. Children will be transported to the JCC and checked into the Youth Lounge. All children must be enrolled, sign a behavior agreement, and sign in and out at Youth Lounge each day. JCC Youth staff will provide a snack, special activities, and supervised gym/outdoor time on various days. All Youth Lounge participants must be picked up by 6:00pm or be subjected to a late fee. If you have questions, please call the Youth Department at (210) 302-6859.
  • The Youth Lounge is open 3pm to 6pm, Monday through Friday. The cost is $30 per month per participant. 
  • *Available to JCC Members in good standing only. Transportation may be available for students in fifth grade from select schools for an additional fee.

Hours of Operation

Kids Club is open Monday through Friday from school dismissal until 6:00pm. A late fee of $10.00 for the first 5 minutes, plus $2.00 for each additional minute late, will be assessed for children who are picked up after 6:00pm. We closely follow the NISD and NEISD calendars to provide you and your children with continuous programming. Day Trippers (full day programming) are available on most school-out days and holidays for an additional fee. Please note that Kids Club is closed during specific Jewish and major federal holidays.

Fees & Registration

Kids Club offers the flexibility of care ranging from 1-5 days a week. Rates can be found on the attached registration form. Early dismissal coverage is included when your child is registered for that day in Kids Club. A $50 non-refundable registration fee per child is required. ($50 first child, $25 second child/ maximum$75 per family).

Kids Club Monthly Fees 2019-2020
Days Per Week  Kids Club
(With Transportation) 
Kids Club 
(No Transportation)
Youth Lounge/5th Grade
(With Transportation)
Youth Lounge 5-8 grade
(No Transportation)
Hebrew School
(Transportation to Agudas)
4-5 $300 $240 $150 $30 $25
3 $265 $205 $125    
2 $210 $160 $90    
1 $122 $105 $65    
Daytrippers along with Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break camps are available at an additional fee.

Refunds & Withdrawals

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our program, refunds cannot be given for days when your child is absent/sick. If you choose to withdraw your child from our program, one month written notice must be provided. Less than one month written notice will result in a charge for the full month.

Castle Hills Intersessions

While some intersessions occur during JCC winter and spring camp programs. We are unable to provide all day childcare when intersessions do not coincide with winter or spring camps. Children are welcome to join us after 3:00pm on these days. Please contact the Youth Office at (210) 302-6859 for more details.


Students* in grades 5-8 who enroll in the After School Program will receive a snack each day, and can hang out in the Youth Lounge, where they will have a variety of activities to occupy their time, including homework (with assistance, as needed), board games, video games, a computer lab, foosball, and ping pong tables, and enrichment activities. All youth who visit the Youth Lounge must adhere to and sign the Youth Lounge Code of Conduct before being allowed to participate. Teens will be supervised by staff and are required to check-in and out each day.

*Available to JCC Members in good standing only.

For rates, further information or to register, contact Dylan Ashworth at (210) 302-6959 or Malison DeLeon at (210) 302-6859.

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