When you support the Main Event, you support a variety of essential services - youth and senior services, scholarship programs and future projects at the JCC through the Walter and Reba Viner Charitable Fund - that benefit so many in our community. This year, your support is even more acute than at any time in recent history. With United Way's recent decision to cut 100% of the funding that supported many of the same JCC services listed above, your support of The Main Event is more vital than usual.

The Main Event partners with local restaurants to present a fine AND fun food culinary experience featuring a diverse menu of extraordinary fare! Leisure, entertainment, dining, jewelry, unique out-of-the-box experiences, and local gems are sought after to provide you with an exceptional array of opportunities and items at our Silent Auction. 

Food and drink purveyors include Clementine, Fork and Garden Catering, H-E-B, Linda Wolfe Catering, Max and Louie's New York Diner, Pharm Table, and Myron’s Prime Steakhouse.  All food will be prepared under Kosher supervision.

More to be announced soon!



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