Business Spotlight: Financial Life Advisors
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Published Friday, June 1, 2018 8:00 am

Get answers to your financial questions without having to worry that the solutions will include buying something from the person providing the advice. 

If I stop working today, can I still afford the life I’m living? How do I save and still enjoy life? How do I give money to my children fairly? Do I need to take my Social Security as soon as I can? What do I need to do differently now that I am on my own? How can I be the designated person to make medical decisions when we are not married? I haven’t bought a new car in 4 years, can I? Does what I have in place still work with the new tax law? I don’t know all the issues I need to for my second marriage and blended family. Answers to these and many others through Personal Financial Planning with Financial Life Advisors.

I want someone to be by my “financial quarterback!” Someone to actively coordinate all aspects of my investments, income tax planning, risk management and estate plan and advise me on what I need to do and when throughout the year. Have confidence and peace of mind through Ongoing Wealth Management at Financial Life Advisors.

My business is my most important asset. It provides me the majority of the cashflow for my lifestyle and is one of the largest assets I own. But the day to day of running it is beginning to wear on me. Some days I just want to close it down and then reality sets in! Is there a better way? I just got a call from a business broker who told me he thinks he can sell my business for more than I thought possible. Where do I go from here? Get help growing your business or organizing the process and maximizing after tax value using Business Coaching & Exit Planning at Financial Life Advisors.

I have a 401(k) to attract and retain good people. However, it turns out to be more responsibility and complexity than I understood when I started. It’s more than just investments. I just checked the boxes I was told to when I set it up, now I’m not sure they were the right boxes for the company today. Get help with plan design, plan governance, DOL Audit File, fiduciary education and provider RFPs with 401(k) Consulting at Financial Life Advisors. 

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