MVP Spotlight: Q&A with Kona Ice San Antonio
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Published Friday, June 1, 2018 8:00 am

Leading various companies for both private and public companies across the U.S., Randy Stetson wanted more. Both he and his wife Heather are from entrepreneurial families and so they knew it was possible to build something special for their San Antonio family. Never did they realize how popular it would become.

Tell us how you got started..... We wanted to start a business where we could give back to the community and where our children (at the time 2, 3, and 6 years old) could get involved. Simplicity was a key to our decision as well as something new, exciting and different. We found Kona Ice, met like-minded people with an incredible CEO in Tony Lamb and even though the economy was struggling, we decided to take the plunge. Kona Ice San Antonio was born and we haven’t looked back. We brought the Kona Ice franchise to San Antonio in 2009. Our first KEV (Kona Entertainment Vehicle) was #61 in the country. We have added two more KEVs to our business since and there are now more than 1,000 KEVs across the country. Quite a remarkable story.

Almost nine years since you started, what are
your thoughts? It’s been an exciting ride. When we began this journey, we were the only franchise in San Antonio. Nobody knew who we were and we had to educate the community. Our goal was to put smiles on faces and to embrace and give back to the community. Our customers are our partners and they are incredible. They inspire us, they give us ideas and they help us refine our business model. Kona Ice is extremely flexible and we are willing to change to meet the needs of both our clients and our customers.

That’s interesting. Have there been a lot of changes
since you started? Many changes have taken place. One important one is the school guidelines in regards to nutrition. We do so much business with schools that it was imperative for us to alter our products. Vitablend was introduced and now all of our flavors have reduced sugar and are fortified with vitamins A, C, & D. Kona Ice even has a Fruit First product which is Smart Snack Compliant through the Texas Department of Agriculture. The health aspect of our business is so important that our CEO actually visited with Commissioner Miller. That meeting led to the entire state of Texas repealing “Time and Place” which restricted when we could sell on campus.

How about competition? Kona Ice is about the entire KEV (Kona Entertainment Vehicle) experience. We offer a clean, healthier for you, wholesome experience. Each member of our team has been fingerprint background- checked and we carry large insurance to give our clients and customers peace of mind. Our team comes from family-oriented relationships that we have. Kona Ice as a whole, cares about each individual experience and how we can give back to the community. Our competition may give back because they have to......Kona Ice gives back to the community because we want to! What types of events do you handle? Everything and any-thing. That’s what makes this business so interesting. In the same day, we may have a swim meet, birthday party, employee appreciation event and youth football event. It runs the gamut and we love that part of the business. The J was one of our first strong relationships in the city and we continue to find ways to build on it. Besides having a like-minded partnership, we have met so many great people serving Konas during Spring and Fall soccer season. Love it!

Any last items you would like to share? Kona Ice is special to us and we are surrounded by great partners. Our team is amazing and we value their desire to provide the best experience possible. We can be reached at:

Randy and Heather Stetson
Phone: 210-826-7662
Facebook: Kona Ice San Antonio

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