Message from the President and CEO

A Message From the President/CEO Saul F. Levenshus
Published Tuesday, January 1, 2019
by Saul F. Levenshus, President/CEO

The New Year is traditionally the time when we resolve to improve ourselves, change old habits, and generally put our best foot forward to ensure that the year ahead will be better than the one we just put behind us. Some of us will begin new routines, others will either begin or get back to exercising regularly, and still others will decide to eat healthier and return to a favorite recreational activity or just about whatever we imagine will make us feel better and help us get off to a good start in this New Year. And some of us will even be successful in our endeavors.

This concept truly resonates with me as each year, when I celebrate another birthday, I look at myself and long for the days when my body both looked and felt better. So, this year I’ve decided to take control and rebel against my own personal inclination to put off until tomorrow what I should be doing today and get myself back into shape. 

So, with 2019 now upon us, I’m ready to re-engaJe and to begin another New Year’s Revolution, to “commit to get fit”. This is not merely a resolution, it’s a personal pledge. So, if your mind is ready to take control and get your body moving toward a better you, I’d like to invite you to embark on your own personal fitness journey and to remind you that the JCC is here to help you meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and provide you with the high quality services that you deserve and have come to expect. Now is the time to get engaJed.

As a JCC member you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the full scope of facilities and services at your disposal to begin your journey toward a healthier, more fit you. With over 60 hours of free group exercise, a full service, state of the art fitness center with access to personal trainers, an 8 lane (heated) swimming pool, 7 (lighted) tennis courts and a double size gymnasium, you can choose which option is best for you on any given day.

Admittedly, this is a tough time of year to get motivated. It’s either dark when we wake up, dark when we get home from work, or both, and it’s colder outside and, consequently, much easier to find an excuse not to take that first step. But I urge you to resist that temptation.

One of the very best ways to motivate yourself to get back into a workout regimen is to find a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or family member to join you on your journey. And since January is a JCC Membership Special month, if you know of someone who’s interested in joining you, NOW is a great time to invite them to join the JCC and get engaJed right along with you. Our winter membership drive, which runs through the end of January, provides new members an opportunity to save $50 when they join, and, as an added bonus, receive their choice of a free personal training session, private tennis lesson, or a small group personal training class.

There’s no better time to get started on your journey to live up and help someone else close to you do the same. For more details check out our membership campaign ad on the front page of this issue’s Community Insert.

In addition to potentially gaining a workout buddy, don’t forget that with our Member-Get-A-Member program, you will earn $50 in cash anytime you refer someone who joins the “J”; plus this month, you’ll also be entered into a raffle to win a Fit Bit Versa! If you’d like more details on our Member-Get-A-Member program or the membership special, contact us at 302-6820 and ask for our membership office or visit our website for more details.

We hope you’re enjoying a safe and happy holiday season and wish you a prosperous and healthy New Year. Now go on, resolve to evolve into a healthier version of you, make the call, send a text, or email that special friend who needs the same push we all need to get started. Get engaJed right here this year, afterall…

there’s something about this place, and its people just like you!

Saul F. Levenshus

President & CEO

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