Business Spotlight - BurgerIM
Published Tuesday, January 1, 2019

BurgerIM is a rapidly growing burger franchise with locations across the country. We are so excited to be able to introduce our unique burger concept to the San Antonio area. Our story starts with my Grandfather Ralph Branchizio Sr., who owned and ran Naples Italian Restaurant on Broadway from 1950 to 1980. My father, Ralph Branchizio Jr., was meant to take it over, but disliked the restaurant business. My grandfather Ralph sold it, and the people he sold it to ended up closing it within 2 years.

My father, being one of the original cooks, taught me the recipes. With those, I later opened Little Naples. We had some success, but after a motorcycle accident and then the loss of my brother (a former Navy SEAL), I sold the business - but not the recipes or the name.

Having enjoyed the restaurant business, my wife Brenda and I decided to do a franchise and really liked the Burgerim concept. Diners can customize their burger, beginning with the bun, then any of our 11 patties – including falafel, and lastly select their favorite toppings and sauces. The BurgerIM philosophy is to encourage creativity, with such a variety of toppings, proteins, sauces, and buns to choose from - nearly endless flavor combinations can be created. This is one of the reasons we always serve our burgers as singles and sets of more than one — so diners get the chance to try a few different flavor combinations each time they dine with us. We offer much more than just burgers, with a full menu of chicken wings, onion rings, sandwiches, salads, and other favorites too!

Having been in fine dining, we've made BurgerIM a hybrid of sorts. While BurgerIM is fast casual, we've decided to have staff bring the food to the table and then do a mid-meal follow up.

Our location features plenty indoor and outdoor seating, bar seating, TVs and we serve beer and wine. We also offer a daily 50% discount to military and first responders who arrive in uniform.



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