The Barshop JCC Jewish Film Festival promotes Jewish values and diversity through the medium of film, striving to entertain, educate, 
and raise community awareness of Jewish identity, history, and culture. 

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Wendy Barker, PhD • Jim Barshop • Clarance Dickinson* • Steven G. Kellman, PhD
Sandy Levenshus* • Ann Pomerantz • Barbie Scharf-Zeldes • Jeff Shapiro • Sharon Teich
*2019-20 Film Festival Co-Chair

As of January 7th 2020


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** Of Blessed Memory



Directed by Ruthy Pribar | Run time: 85 min. | Israel | 2020
Language: Hebrew/Russian (English Sub) | Drama

Asia's motherhood has always been an ongoing struggle rather than an obvious instinct. Becoming a mother at a very early age has shaped Asia's relationship with her teenage daughter Vika. Despite living together, Asia and Vika barely interact with one another. Asia concentrates on her job as a nurse while Vika hangs out at the skate-park with her friends. Their routine is shaken when Vika's health deteriorates rapidly. Asia must step in and become the mother Vika so desperately needs. Vika's illness turns out to be an opportunity to reveal the great love within this small family unit.

Directed by Shay Fellner | Run time: 15 min. | Israel | 2019 
Language: Hebrew (English Sub) | Short Drama

Boris (80), an immigrant and the caregiver of his wife, feels his stable world is shaking when his grandchild sets an ultimatum and sends him on a date with another woman.

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My Polish Honeymoon

Directed by Elise Otzenberger | Run time: 88 min. | France | 2019 | Language: French (English Sub) | Comedy, Drama

Anna and Adam, a young Parisian couple with Jewish origins, are about to travel to Poland for the first time. They are just married and technically speaking this will be their honeymoon. They will attend a ceremony in memory of the Jewish community in the village of Adam's grandfather, which was destroyed 75 years ago. Adam is not really enthusiastic, but sees it as an occasion to spend some quality time with his wife, away from their baby boy. Anna, on the other hand, is both extremely anxious and overly excited about the trip to her grandmother's country. She is hoping to reconnect with her roots and finally discover more about her own family's history, which was always a mystery...