Welcome to Kids Club All Day!

Our NEW Kids Club All Day initiative is specifically designed for families with children in Grades K-5 who need a safe and nurturing program that will provide care and support while schools require distance learning.

Member Exclusive Program

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Kids Club All Day is a program created to support our families during this uncertain time by providing a place for children to distance learn with supervision in a safe and nurturing environment.

Kids Club is a JCC member-exclusive program.

JCC Membership is open to the entire community; for more information, contact a member services associate at (210) 302-6866. 

General Information

Kids Club All Day will initially run Aug. 17-Sept. 4.  Based on local school district decisions regarding the resumption of in-person teaching, the program will be extended to meet the needs of our families with children in Grades K-5.

Children must bring their own device, a schedule of daily assignments, all specific distance learning instructions, and a bag lunch.

Our counselors will be equipped to help children access their assignments, guide them through their workload, and provide opportunities for small group socialization activities and brain-breaks throughout the day to keep your child motivated.

Using the same strategies that our camp program applied this summer, we will promote physical distancing when possible, mask-wearing when in common areas, and frequent sanitizing of facilities, on top of adhering to State, Local and CDC guidelines

Hours of Operation

August 17-September 4
We are now offering two options to accommodate your needs at this time. Monday-Friday: 9am-3pm or Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9am-3pm

Early Stay: 7:30-9am

Late Stay: 3-5:45pm



Who is eligible?
JCC members in Kinder-5th grade attending any area school. 

How will students be grouped?
Based on enrollment, students will be grouped by grade cohorts of approximately 10 students per space.  

What will I need to send my child with each day? 
You will need to provide all the typical items you send to school plus these:
☉Technology Device including device login user/password, and equipped with microphone/camera, charging cords, headphones, etc. 
☉All instructions provided by the school to enable your child to access distance learning, must be sent with your child on a daily basis: Links, user/passwords, lesson instructions, schedules, etc.
☉School supplies: paper/notebook, pen/pencil, other supplies typically required by school. 
☉Bag Lunch/Water Bottle.
☉Daily log book - JCC to provide

What will the J provide?
☉Infrastructure for distance learning: Workspace, internet access, and power.
☉Opportunities for small group socialization activities and brain-breaks 
☉Every group will be supervised by a Kids Club counselor, and Kids Club All Day will be supervised by Youth & Camp Director, Dylan Ashworth, Teen Service Coordinator, Elie Allen, and Administrative Director, Malison DeLeon. 
☉Afternoon snack.
What should I expect if my child is enrolled in Early/Late Stay?
Children enrolled in Early stay (7:30-9am) can get set up for the day, finish homework, complete daily assignments and/or have breakfast (brought from home).
Children enrolled in late stay (3:00-5:45pm), will have access to our typical array of Kids Club activities including, homework time, a healthy snack, playground time, daily centered activities, and JCC enrichment classes some of which will be available for an additional fee.

How will I communicate with the staff?
A link will be provided to each family to enable direct communication between parents and our Administrative team The JCC will also provide each child with a daily log book that can be used to allow communication to flow between our counselors and parents specific to their distance learning needs. Space will be allotted in the daily log book for parents to record all passwords that your child will need throughout their day. Please note that counselors will communicate only with parents, and will not communicate with teachers. 

What health protocols will be in place?
☉Staff and children will go through a health screening, including temperature-taking, each morning.
☉Staff will be required to wear masks all day.
☉Adults and children should be wearing masks at check-in and pick-up each day. Children may wear a mask at all times if they choose, however, masks will be required at all times while in common spaces of the JCC, such as bathrooms and hallways.
☉A full description of health and safety protocols will be provided to registered participants prior to the program start date.

Where do I drop off and pick up? 
☉As a continuing safety measure, parents will not be permitted into the building at drop off or pick up. A special Kids Club All Day drop-off table will be set up at the front of the JCC. Please park your car and accompany your student to the check-in table. 
☉Pick-up will be from the playground gate on the school side of the building by the afterschool playground. When you arrive for pick-up, please call 210-302-6879 and proceed to the gate. In order to facilitate a smooth transition, please have your ID ready to be checked by the staff.

What are the policies regarding sick children?
KCAD will continue to follow guidelines, based on recommendations from the CDC, Texas State Childcare Licensing, and San Antonio Metro Health. For the health and safety of all, sick children and staff must stay home until they are symptom-free.
If a child or family member comes in contact with a person who has Covid-19 or suspected Covid-19, please keep the child at home and notify our office immediately.
The family should self-isolate for 14 days from the last day that the person was in contact with the sick individual.
If a child or family member has any of the following, the child may NOT be in attendance:
☉Fever of 100.4 or above
☉Cough, runny nose, shortness of breath or other symptoms of respiratory infection
☉If a child becomes ill during the day, they will be isolated from others and expected to be picked up quickly. If symptoms continue or worsen CDC advises you to contact your health care provider.
☉Exposure to someone who has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19
In order for a sick child to return to the program:
The child must be fever free 72 hours without use of fever-reducing medication   
☉If respiratory symptoms existed, a child may only return to the program three days after symptoms end but no sooner than 7 days from the onset of symptoms.

Waiting List

Due to the popularity and need for our program, we do our best to accommodate everyone. In some cases, your child or children might be placed on a waiting list. Our program is staffed based on regulated ratios and room space.

For more information, contact us.