The JCC offers Parenting Workshops at a very affordable rate, not only for JCC Members, but the Community at-large. Workshops focus on a wide variety of topics, all relating to managing the kids. Workshops are Free for JCC Members; there is a $10 charge per adult for Non-Members.

2019 Parenting Workshops

October 30 - Brain Development

Do you wonder about your child's brain development? Want to know what simple everyday things you can do with your child to promote brain growth? Come to this informational session where we will discuss your child's growing brain and the most effective ways to interact with your child that can change how his/her brain is wired!

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November 12 - Holiday Expectations

The holiday are coming and expectations for a perfect family experience are high. Unfortunately, reality doesn't always match up to these unrealistic expectations and you may end up with a disappointed, angry, or frustrated child. Join us for a conversation about ways parents can create a peaceful, enjoyable holiday season.

December 12 - Responding to Strong Emotions

A 4 year old doesn't understand why they can't have another cookie. An 8 year old is upset that mom or dad has to go to work and they have to leave the playground early. As a parent, what is the best way to respond to our child's strong emotions? In this workshop begin to cover the topic of understanding feelings and discuss options for dealing with your child when he/she is feeling scared, mad, sad, etc.


All participants must be pre-registered in order to attend the workshops; drop-ins and refunds will not be honored. Registration closes the day before the workshop. Babysitting is available for JCC Members at the J-Care rate by calling 210-302-6820. 

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