JCC Aquatics Facility Policies and Pool Rules

When temperatures are below freezing ( 32°) the pool will not open until temperatures rise above freezing.

Please be aware of our current COVID-19 policies 

Lifeguards & Safety

  • Lifeguards are an important safety feature but are not intended to replace the close supervision of parents or caregivers.  Children must be actively supervised by parents or caregivers at all times when in the pool area.  Please watch your child at all times and remember that the safety of your child is your responsibility.
  • At all times children 13 years and under must be accompanied in the pool area by an adult at least 18 years of age. (This also includes the basketball court within the pool area).
  • When a lifeguard is NOT present, children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult. (This also includes the basketball court within the pool area).
  • When a lifeguard is present, children 14 years old and over are allowed in the pool and Jacuzzi areas without an adult.
  • The lifeguard has complete authority at the pool at all times. Lifeguards have the right to regulate lap lane use, equipment use, the number of people in the pool and the behavior of these people.
  • Always adhere to quick evacuation and emergency situations.
  • While Lifeguards are on duty, there will be a 10-minute break at 50 minutes past each hour for adult swimming only. All children will be required to exit the pool. We advise children to use the restroom facilities at this time, reapply sunblock and drink plenty of liquids.
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for children at all times and must always be within reach of non-swimmers.
  • Horseplay, running, pushing or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Based on advice of pediatricians, children under 5 years should not use the Jacuzzi in order to avoid exposure to the extreme temperature of the Jacuzzi water (104⁰).

Atmosphere & Equipment

  • Pool closes each day 15 minutes prior to facility closure time.
  • To avoid pool closures, children who are not completely toilet trained must always wear water diapers under their bathing suits when in the water. Water diapers may be purchased at the Sports & Fitness Courtesy desk.
  • The JCC and pool areas are smoke and alcohol-free zones.
  • Individuals who bring food into the pool area are asked to respect Kashrut policy and keep food in designated eating areas. Please dispose of your own trash after consuming food and beverage.  Glass is NOT permitted in the pool area.
  • The JCC is not responsible for the loss of personal property. Please lock all valuables in the lockers or leave them at home.
  • Diving is not permitted unless under the supervision of a certified coach or instructor.
  • Designated lanes are for lap swimmers only.  During peak hours, circle swimming in the member lap lanes will allow for better usage of the limited lane availability for all swimmers.
  • Gated area is for employees only.

Attire & Behavior

  • Appropriate swimwear is mandatory. No thong bathing suits are allowed in the pool area. No cut-off shorts, jeans, or jean shorts are permitted to be worn while in the pool.
  • Patrons are asked to shower before entering the pool.
  • Long hair must be restrained.
  • No person with a communicable disease or having open sores on his/her body shall enter the water.
  • Shirts and shoes are required when re-entering the building and please dry off thoroughly.

Splash Pad

  • The Splash Pad currently is closed.
  • Splash pad designed for children 8 years of age and younger.
  • No lifeguard on duty. All Children must be supervised by a parent or adult 18+ at all times.
  • Running, Jumping and Horseplay are Prohibited
  • Do not jump off benches, hang or climb on Splash Pad features or fence or sit, stand, cover or block water jets
  • Toys are not permitted in the Splash Pad Area including noodles, floats, kickboards, etc.
  • Pets, food, glass objects and smoking are prohibited.
  • Swimsuits and/or appropriate attire must be worn at all times. Water shoes or bare feet acceptable-no flip flops, sandals, or street shoes.
  • Children who are not toilet trained MUST wear swim diapers.
  • DO NOT DRINK OR PUT WATER IN YOUR MOUTH. Splash pad uses treated recirculated water.
  • Splash Pad may be closed at any time due to weather, maintenance, or other operational concerns.
  • ALL participants must conduct themselves in a courteous, safe, and family-oriented manner.


JCC Staff reserves the right to refuse access to the Splash Pad to anyone at any time.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Aquatics Director, Tracy Schuleman, at 210-302-6909.