Spurs League registration is available here. 2020 Winter/Spring programs will be available for registration starting Tuesday at 8am.

Online tennis reservations will be temporarily unavailable as we update and service our systems. Please call 210-302-6833 to make reservations.

The JCC provides opportunities to participate in sports and recreation activities from youth & teen to adult. Whether you have a little one who is just learning the ropes or you're looking for a basketball game or tennis match, we have something for you.

The JCC's state-of-the-art Wulfe Gymnasium and Sokol Tennis Facility are available exclusively to JCC Members. Members can make reservations for one of our seven lit tennis courts or get discounts on our youth sports programs and leagues.

The JCC also offers a number of adult basketball leagues from the highly competitive open league to leagues for those 30+, 50+, and 6'2" and under.


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