LIFE & LEGACY® at The Barshop Jewish Community Center  

LIFE & LEGACY is a 4-year partnership program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) that assists communities across North America, through partnerships with Jewish Federations and Foundations, to promote after-lifetime giving to benefit Jewish entities. LIFE & LEGACY motivates Jewish organizations to secure legacy gifts, steward donors and integrate legacy giving into the philanthropic culture of the Jewish community.

In San Antonio, eleven Jewish organizations have signed on to this initiative to collectively work together in securing legacy gifts which will support specific needs in the Jewish community for future generations with The Jewish Federation of San Antonio as the lead partner.

Our Case Statement

To learn more about LIFE & LEGACY at The Barshop Jewish Community Center, email Aliyah Kuchinsky.



I am Ready to Pledge My Gift

In keeping with Jewish Tradition and abiding commitment to my community, I wish to share my legacy with others. On the Letter of Intent below, you will be able to select one of many vehicles to leave a legacy gift including: bequest, life insurance, IRA, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuity, or donor advised funds.

Letter of Intenet

I am interested, please have someone contact me!  I have already promised a Legacy gift to the Barshop JCC

Thank you to those who have selected to support the Barshop JCC and/or The Campus of the San Antonio Jewish Community in their wills, trusts, retirement accounts or life insurance policies. (as of March 2020)

Anonymous, Charlotte Sue Alterman, Gayle K. Alterman, Richard Alterman, Stanley Alterman, Jim Barshop and Family, Steve and Susan Butler, Jennifer and Mark Eichelbaum, Esther Feinberg, Jerry E. and Nancy K. Gerson, Rhonda Gurinsky, Danna Halff, Jim Halff, Leslie Hyman, Andrew D. Jacobson, Howard Kasanoff, Beth Karen Keough, Philip A. Kolovson, Sandy and Saul Levenshus , Marsha Penner, Kristy and Alan Petlin, Richard A. and Sara Planto, Cathy and Jim Pottorf, Shari and Randy Pulman, Drs. Irving and Joan Ratner (OBM), Michael and Susan Rosenberg, Jeff Siegel, Steve Silver, Miriam Courtney Silver, Alice and Richard Thorner, Barbie Scharf-Zeldes, Adam Zeldes

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